Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wisdom comes.

After being stopped by a drunk man and being given a long lecture on how to live life to the fullest, I instinctively wanted to make him smile as much as he had made my friends and I. ‘Here, you take it…Have a wonderful night!’ I winked as I handed the red balloon I’d just taken from a diner to the stranger as payment for his words of wisdom.

 He smiled, taking the balloon in his hand, looking at it for a second.

‘Look at the balloon.’ He slurred in my direction. I turned back toward him, and looked. ‘Okay.’ I chuckled. ‘Are you looking? Really looking?’ He was staring at the deep red balloon that bobbed back and forth in the wind. I smiled and shook my head, encouraging him to continue. He looked at me, ‘Now, think of something you want to let go of.’

I thought for a moment, looked at my friends and shutting my eyes, blocked out the world. What did I want to let go of? Too many things. Too many aches and pains. I finally settled for something that had been lingering in my mind that night and opened my eyes  “Yes, I’ve got something in mind.”

‘Good,’ he looked at me, brown eyes slightly glazed from all the alcohol flowing through his body yet still filled with passion, and then he let go of the balloon.

‘Now it’s gone.’  He smiled, turned and walked away.

In the dusk of the night, I could see the balloon disappear slowly. Rising towards the clouds, searching for something greater. Some place called paradise. But soon it vanished from sight. It was gone, just as the stranger was gone and just as the thoughts that were running through my head that night were gone.

Life takes time, and so does healing.