Thursday, November 1, 2012

Political Jargon.

I hate politics.

I hate politics so much that I’m going to vote and never tell anyone who I’m voting for.

In fact, I may just write in a vote for ‘Kindness’ this election.

You’re all glaring at the screen right now, thinking ‘How dare you misuse your right as an American citizen! How could you let [insert your least favorite walking parrot here] into the white house!’

Honestly? I don’t care if you think I’m being ridiculous. Knowing most people, you probably think I’m misinformed, uninformed or too sensitive to stomach the political hate that is being spread around as ‘conversation’ or ‘healthy debate’—but you’re wrong.

I know my facts. I know my beliefs. I know where my priorities lie.

And honestly, I know my heart.

And what really breaks that heart of mine are the hate-filled and angry messages I see every day from BOTH sides of the political fence.

Why is it that every time I sign onto facebook I see at least three status’ that say something along the lines of:

“Well, had to delete three more people because they liked [Mitt Romney/Obama]’s page”


“If you’re voting for [Obama/Mitt Romney], please delete me from your friendslist…”

And, let’s just be serious, I've cleaned up the language and am making these status' sound a hell of a lot nicer than they really are.

What happened to being united? What happened to seeing past people’s differences to find the similarities? Why is it that people are so quick to throw away people simply based on political beliefs?

Why is it that it seems as time goes by, these political lines divide us even further as a human race?

What I love about our country is that we have the right to an opinion. We have a right to put people in power and even take them out of power. We have the right as citizens of this great nation to let someone into the role of authority, in hopes that that person will uplift our country for the better. Sometimes they do, other times they don’t…but this beautiful country of freedom was built on hope. Hope that we could be greater. Hope that we could join together in times of hardship. Hope that we could cry together in moment’s of sorrow. Laugh together in moment’s of victory and justice.

Can we, for five minutes, forget about politics and remember that behind the political beliefs section on facebook, is a history…a living and breathing human life that has, scars and hurts and joys…that has past and a future…they have dreams, likes and dislikes and stories…endless and amazing stories. Why is it then that we are so willing to give up the chance to grow in love with that person’s story?

So, it comes down to this. I will vote. I will secretly have my personal favorites, but when the day is over and the polls are in...regardless of who wins, I will celebrate. 

I will celebrate my voice as a woman being heard. I will celebrate my [re]new[ed] president. I will celebrate our FREEDOM.

Call me an idealist, but I want to believe that whoever takes the seat will do what they think is best for this country with a pure heart. And if they fail, well…I think sometimes people forget that that’s why they only get four years.

And if you want to move to another country because your politician didn’t get into the white house? Please, by all means…move to another country. Maybe you’ll see that all countries have their own political struggles and problems.